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Only two days, Cambodia has more than 180,000 tourists

MGO News 2021-11-15


Phnom Penh (MGO) – Mr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, stated that on November 14, 2021, a total of 180,296 tourists in only 2 days (13-14). He confirmed that a total of 180,296 tourists, there are 175,801 national tourists and 4,495 foreigners.


Minister Thong Khon presented the main tourist destinations, including:

-          Preah Sihanouk province: 34,306 tourists

-          Phnom Penh: 32,034 tourists

-          Kampot province: 16,007 tourists

-          Pursat province: 15,508 tourists

-          Siem Reap province: 13,104 tourists


Mr. Thong Khon pointed out that the above figure increased by about 3.29% compared to the previous week.  Tourist resorts and destinations, as well as tourist businesses across the country, have opened to receive tourists and are preparing to receive tourists during the Royal Water Festival next week. As for the overall situation, there are no significant problems.


In addition, following the high-sounding message of the Prime Minister on the afternoon of November 14,  for international tourists and vaccinated travelers entering Cambodia, tomorrow the Ministry of Tourism will review the implementation of safety measures and Tourism and Minimum Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on all services that the Ministry of Tourism has put in place in the past to make appropriate adjustments to promote the development of domestic tourism to be better and stronger.

Translator: lyn

Source: FN / Photo: Internet

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