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Ratanakkiri Provincial Administration Decorates Streets, Towns, and Tourist resorts to receive tourists on the occasion of Water Festival

MGO News 2021-11-18


Ratanakkiri (MGO) - To celebrate the Water Festival, the Ratanakkiri Provincial Administration has decorated beauty on the streets, towns, and tourist resorts to receive national and international tourists who come to visit in Ratanakkiri province.

In addition, Banlung City under the high attention of Mr. Nhem Sam Oeun, the new Governor of Ratanakkiri Province, has the vision to start on sanitation, aesthetics, environment, street lighting development, and LED lighting in the Banlung city soon.

Many pictures on the night of November 17, 2021, show the beautiful view of the city of Banlung looks very beautiful as a tourist destination after the Royal Government reopened the economy.

It should be reminded that recently, Mr. Nhem Sam Oeun promised in front of the three types of armed forces and government officials at all levels to improve the beauty, hygiene, and environment to attract national and international tourists to enjoy in the rich northeastern province with the beauty of natural resources beautifully.

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Source: FN

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