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Kampong Cham city’s main roads were officially inaugurated under the presence of H.E. Hun Manet

MGO News 05-13

Kampong Cham Cambodia

Phnom Penh (MGO) - The main road infrastructure in Kampong Cham City and Kampong Cham Province was officially inaugurated under the presidency of H.E. Hun Manet and the Provincial administration of Kampong Cham on May 12, yesterday.

During the inauguration, His Excellency Hun Manet, Deputy Commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Commander of the Army, said that the achievements of the main road infrastructure include: 42 concrete roads and 31917-meter-long DBST roads in the four districts in the city of the Kampong Cham province depends on two main factors: first, the leadership factor, and second: the population factor.

His Excellency considered that these important roads will facilitate the connection and travel from one area to another, as well as improve the living standard of daily life to further improv level.

According to His Excellency Un Chanda, Governor of Kampong Cham Provincial Board of Governors, the achievements of the concrete road and the paved road that are inaugurated now include:

1. There are 25 roads in Boeung Kok commune with a length of 11,388 meters, of which 20 concrete roads with a length of 7,101 meters, 1 AC paved road with a length of 840 meters, and 4 DBST paved roads with a length of 3,447. M.

2. 8 roads in Sambour Meas commune with a length of 15,375 meters, including 3 AC paved roads with a length of 3,985 meters and 6 DBST paved roads with a length of 11,825 meters.

3. 5 roads in Veal Vong commune, 3,086 meters long, including 4 AC paved roads, 2,941 meters long, 1 DBST paved road, 148 meters long, and 156 meters long.

4. Three roads in Kampong Cham commune, 1,400 meters long, are AC paved roads.

Translator: Leakna 

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