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7 days in a row no new cases of C-19 were reported in Cambodia

MGO News 05-14

Cambodia reports 20 deaths from COVID, record for single day | Reuters

Phnom Penh (MGO) - Today’s official release of MoH of Cambodia on daily new C-19 infection was 0 – remain the COVID case total to 136,262 cases.

The source also announced 0 new deaths, bringing the total to 3,056 direct deaths due to COVID-19 in Cambodia. Cambodia has now recorded 15,821 cases of Omicron – 1362 imported and 14420 community cases.

This unprecedented run of 7 zero cases days – the first no case days since the start of the ‘February 20th incident’ in 2021 – means that Cambodia is now inching closer to a state of ‘COVID Zero’, placing the country in the top ranks of countries that have recovered from the pandemic.


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