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Local groups urged to facilitate travel for the elderly, others who do not have means to travel to voting locations

MGO News 05-27


Minister of Tourism Thong Khon encouraged working groups to cooperate and provide a means of travel to voting locations for the elderly, disabled and others who lack the means of travel.

The meeting was made by the Minister during a meeting with the working groups in Baray and Taing Kork districts, Kampong Thom. He urged the groups to promote the election campaign and to introduce the work to help people during the election.

Minister encouraged party working groups in districts, communes and villages to be ready with means such as motorbikes or cars to be ready to help transport the elderly, the disabled and those who do not have the means to vote.

“This is not illegal, because we just want them to go to the polls and not vote for this party or any other party,” he clarified.

He added that the Royal Government has called on all people to participate in the election so that the election in Cambodia is free, fair and just, without violence, without threats, without intimidation and without incidents.

Minister Khon advised members to abide by the party’s rules and regulations and to follow the NEC’s procedures and regulations both during the campaigns and the election.

Source: Khmer Times 

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