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Pursat’s improvement project shows good results

MGO News 01-15


Governor Cheav Tay launched the campaign to improve infrastructure and develop the province three months ago and it has drastically changed the province’s capital city.

The project was done to stimulate economic growth, promote infrastructure and meet residents' needs, the provincial administration launched several infrastructure constructions and improvement projects. Street lights and LED lights were installed in the city.

Together with that the provincial administration also accelerated the construction of urban roads and develop a solid waste management system.


Street lights were also installed along the main streets and along the riverside to attract national and international tourists to visit during festivals, especially during the upcoming Khmer New Year.

Pursat aims to boost its tourism sector with the new improvements. The province is ranked number four, nationwide, as the most visited province during the previous Victory Day holiday on January 7 and the province aims to keep that momentum.

Pursat Provincial Administration continues to actively promote the potential and important tourist destinations in the province.

Source: Khmer Times 

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