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Three Main Strategic Plans in the Five-Year Focus on Strengthen the Capacity

MGO News 01-15


(MGO) – The Director of the Department of the Social Welfare of the Ministry of the Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, Chhour Sopanha, said that the three main strategic plans in the five-year are to strengthen the capacity and increase the number of social services that the expert team is implementing. 

This is according to Mr. Chhour Sopanha on the afternoon of Friday, January 12, 2022, when the Department of Social Welfare, Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation met with the working group of the UNICEF and Plan International.

He also said that the meeting was to continue to discuss the strategic plan and comment on the final draft of the National Strategic Plan, Social Services Force in the Ong Duong room of the Department of Social Welfare.


The National Strategic Plan on Social Services 2022-2026 is the first five-year plan with a focus on capacity strengthening and increasing the number of social services to provide social services and provide social assistance to vulnerable with professional and ethical. 

This strategic plan covers three main priority strategic plans: Social Service Force Plan, Social Service Development, and Social Service Force Support to achieve the vision, mission, and expected results mentioned in this national strategies plan.

Translator: lyn

Source: Kampuchea Tmey 

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